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SIREN-Portrait-introHello SUPmaniacs,

Our primary goal for the last three years has been to produce high end performance Siren boards and accessories at a fair price. In addition, we have focused on bringing equipment to the water that incorporates the newest board developments in material and shape.

Whether it is our 2016 Signature Line with its new Polyethylene Fibre Technology (PFT) or our industry’s first introduction of a true Displacement Hull (DH) via a second air chamber, all these Siren performance and technological characteristics optimize our wonderful sport. In addition, we hold safety of our Siren user family at the highest level and have pioneered some safety features. The second air chamber in the Ray 12.6 PFT DH and mainly the Sigma Ibag – Inflatable Rescue System attest to that.

Since the Family Sport is our main target group, all our boards are made for that purpose. High End Family Brand is our slogan.

We are very proud of having engaged top athletes for the Race, SUP Fitness/Yoga, Wind-SUP and Whitewater segments to help with the development and the realization of their own Siren Signature models.

Our SUP sport is a social fun sport on water which means the entire family or a group of friends can experience it together. The feeling of being out in nature and on the water is an exceptional experience. To enable you to such a great enjoyment, our Siren SUPSURFING team  worked hard to offer the 2016 Siren product line.

Stay safe and have fun!

We believe: „One day you´ll be SIRENized, too!“


 Board of the month:


SIREN Ray 12.6 DH SUP BOARD i-SUP INFLATABLE Stand up Paddling

The Ray PFT is a sporty Touring Racer in our line ofSiren products.

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