Mahi 10.6 PFT

Technical data

Length/ Width: 10.6 ft / 32 in83cm

Thickness: 6 in
Weight : 21.2 lbs
Volume: 225ltr
Fin: Single US-Box
Material: Dropstitch.


Art.-Nr.: 16.010.090 Kategorie:

Mahi 10.6 PFT


Jean Bucci – Yoga and Fitness Expert


The Mahi PFT is one of the most versatile SUP boards. Using the shape of the classic Mahi All-rounder, this model will satisfy the needs of all paddlers looking for a true All-round board. The Mahi PFT Signature Line board features an oversized deck pad and carrying handles on both sides, thus making it a perfect Yoga and Fitness platform.