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Stand – up paddling is one of the most beautiful sports in the world and anyone can learn it . It is your decision whether you want easy paddle at leisure or if you want to expend yourself athletic ? SIREN provides for each paddler and for each claim the right SUP board :

Aufblasbare SUP Boards - Marktübersicht

SUP is something special , whether you are on the sea , a lake or a river : SUP is perfect for all water conditions ! And the best : SUP is a family sport ! You can practice it with your family and children . In addition, SUP is a social sport where you can choose your own speed and fun have to be with people who love it on the water .

We the team SIREN SUPsurfing work after an important rule : we want to offer perfect products to perfect prices ! Our brand is a family brand – and we want to include you in our family . That is why we have designed and produced with the help of some experts SUP high-end boards for all disciplines ( Racing , Whitewater , touring , fitness ) . They include the most innovative technology that will bear the market .



Comparison of the boards – which one is right for you?

SNAPPER 9.6 : A real fun board – particularly suitable for white water and small waves .

MAHI 10.6 : The perfect all-round beginner board . Whether flat water or wave – this board everyone gets all clear !

HYDRA 11.6 : An ingenious Touring board , the stability and speed combined.

RAY 12.6 : The performance board : Super Fast and stable . A real sport rocket .



Our Siren SUP Boards!

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