Become part of the siren story – we are looking for you

SIREN SUPsurfing has been founded in 2014 as a sophisticated SUP board company from Germany. We have set ourselves the goal of offering the highest quality inflatable SUP (i-SUP) boards for an affordable price. Our focus is on family-friendly i-SUP allround boards. The SIREN program mainly includes inflatables SUP boards – as these offer the advantages of easy transportation and lower costs. Thanks to the latest technology, the weight of our SIREN boards is only 9-10kg. On top of that, we achieve the highest stiffness with our i-SUP boards through an integrated belt strap, called polyethylene fiber technology (PFT). A high-quality tripple action pump and the spacious backpack with wheels are part of the high standard of every SIREN i-SUP board package. Our product range is constantly upgraded and adapted to the wishes and needs of consumers. As we are quick and creative, we can offer modern products alining with the market.Since we have a direct line to manufaction, we are also able to produce and launch small series and special editions, according to customer requirements.


After a exciting 2020 season for SIREN SUPsurfing, we want to continue expanding in 2021. And actually it is a shame, that the good SIREN boards are only available in Germany, right? First we are looking for distributors and shops in Europe and then around world. We offer good conditions when shipping the equipment directly from the factory in the Far East. In addition, we offer a European warehouse in Germany from which European sales can be served at dealer conditions.


Do you want to spread the bautiful SUP sport in the world? To become part of the SIREN family, just contact Joerg directly: