cobia 14.0 RC hardboard for training and racing

Das schnelle Hardboard für jedes Rennen

Länge: 428 cm (14ft)
Breite: 62m (24,5Inch)
Gewicht: 13,1 kg
Volumen: 214 ltr
Max. Paddlergewicht: 110 kg
Finne: US-Box
Material: Carbon Sandwich
Einsatzgebiet: Fluss, See, Ozean
Stärken: Rennen

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cobia 14.0 RC SUP Hardboard – the SUP hardboard that no racer can get past

SUP Hardboard


With the SIREN cobia 14.0 RC SUP hardboard we have succeeded in creating a super fast raceboard. Both beginners and professionals will enjoy this SUP hardboard.
Due to the relatively narrow tail and the round rails of the board, high speeds can be achieved. With a relatively flat rocker line, it is very suitable for rivers and lakes. The board is slightly beveled in the bow area so that it can slide easily over seaweed and branches. The cobia 14.0 RC is equipped with a luggage net as standard so that small items of luggage can be transported. In the bow area there is a holder for your camera or a GPS tracker. A handle was deliberately omitted in order to avoid tripping hazards during fast turns, instead there is an ergonomically shaped carrying recess that offers a good grip even on longer stretches. A highlight is the race fin with a honeycomb structure, which, thanks to its inclined shape, glides over all obstacles in the water.

With this narrow and fast board, nothing stands in the way of your SUP race victory.

Scope of delivery:
We send the board in a sturdy box wrapped in bubble wrap. The scope of delivery includes: board, race fin, luggage leashes, guarantee document

All SIREN boards are suitable for salt water and, thanks to the highest quality workmanship and the latest technology, are extremely resistant and durable!


Conclusion: On the cobia 14.0 RC SUP hardboard you can achieve maximum speeds with minimal effort. It is the ideal board for fast training sessions and brisk races!









Lightweight Technolgy

Lightweight Technolgy






Dehnbares Gepäcknetz

Dehnbares Gepäcknetz






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