Siren Bucaneer B2

THE SIREN B2 Bucaneer


The all-round paddle
The two-part paddle with carbon composite shaft and plastic blade, in which light weight and robustness are combined. Ideally suited as a climber paddle for the ambitious recreational paddler.

The SIREN B2 Bucaneer is one of the newest paddles in our range. With a very balanced price-performance ratio and an extremely robust blade made of polypropylene, it is your companion on all paddling tours and a powerful thrust device in the wave. It impresses with its blue design.


Technical data:

• Two-part (the terminals can be precisely adjusted with a simple screwdriver)
• Length: 169-211cm
• Material shaft: fiberglass shaft with 40% carbon content
• Material paddle blade: plastic nylon
• Shape: round shaft
• Sheet dimensions: 42x18cm / 600cm² (17.5x7inch / 93inch²)
• Blade angle: 11 °
• Weight: 860g


If you are looking for a sporty, light and easy-to-stow paddle up to € 100, the SIREN B2 Bucaneer is the right choice. The paddle lasts forever and is suitable for paddlers from 150-195cm.


"Nice Carbon - Starter with an ideal price quaitity ratio"

Jörg (Siren International)Testimonial