Siren Maristo Paddle



The adult version of the two-part paddle with aluminum shaft and plastic blade impresses with its robustness and elegant design. It offers an ideal price-performance ratio for beginners and recreational paddlers.

The SIREN M2 Maristo is the new highlight of the SIREN range. The sturdy aluminum paddle not only looks chic, it is also relatively light and therefore inspires beginners and recreational paddlers alike. The paddle blade is black with a white SIREN logo, the shaft is a casual blue, also with a white logo. The black foam float on the shaft ensures that the paddle stays on the water surface for a long time AND also ensures a comfortable grip.


Technical data:

• Two-part (the terminals can be precisely adjusted with a simple screwdriver)
• Length: 168-221cm
• Material shaft: Oxidized aluminum
• Material paddle blade: plastic (nylon)
• Shape: oval shaft
• Sheet dimensions: 42x18cm / 600cm² (17.5x7inch / 93inch²)
• Blade angle: 11 °
• Weight: 980g


If you are looking for a durable entry-level paddle with a great price-performance ratio and want to look casual at the same time, you are guaranteed to do everything right with the new SIREN M2 Maristo. You are not 100% sure yet and you don’t want to spend all your money on a paddle? No problem, because SIREN SUPsurfing has something for you: Our robust aluminum paddle is just the thing. The foam area lets you hold the sturdy paddle securely, and the otherwise slightly annoying impression of cold metal does not exist. It is not only suitable for stand-up paddling, but also sport boat drivers like to use our robust aluminum paddle.


"Not only the look of the new Maristo paddle is ingenious, the price is also an absolute blast."

Jörg (Siren International)Testimonial