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SIREN O3 – variable 3-part full carbon paddle


Three-part high-end travel paddle: SIREN SUPsurfing Octopus O3

The three-part full carbon paddle from SIREN SUPsurfing is absolutely torsion-free thanks to the new hexagon system in the shaft connection. The SIREN clamp fixes the handle shaft without pressing the main shaft, so the handle shaft always sits firmly and wear-free in the main shaft. Thanks to the integrated guide notch, twisting is not possible even in the vario position. The paddle is matt lacquered for the best grip on the paddle. Weighing 690 grams, as a three-part full carbon paddle, it is an ideal travel companion for the next Sup tour.

Technical data:

• Three-part (paddle shaft with hexagon push button system, handle shaft with clamp)
• Length: 172-215cm
• Material shaft: full carbon
• Material paddle blade: full carbon
• Shape: round shaft
• Sheet dimensions: 44x18cm / 581 cm²
• Blade angle: 11 °
• Weight: 760 g


As a light and ideal travel companion, the Octopus paddle offers top performance at a light weight and an unbeatable price.


"Nice Carbon - Starter with an ideal price quaitity ratio"

Jörg (Siren International)Testimonial
Siren Octupus Paddle